Campaigner profile: Wanja Maina

Wanja Maina, Young Voices campaigner from Kenya, standing in front of a map of the worldEntrepreneur and charity founder Wanja Maina is currently studying at the United States International University in Nairobi, pursuing a bachelor degree in International business administration. Hannah makes curios and beads to sell locally. This helps to fund her education.

Wanja is a very active Young Voices campaigner. She has helped make a documentary about the lives of disabled people living in Kibera, one of Africa’s biggest slums. She is also the founder of the ‘Friends of Wanja Initiative,’ a mentorship programme at Joy-town primary school which supports people with disabilities to feel empowered to learn.

A Young Voices campaign that Wanja is particularly passionate about is her work with African albinos. Many locals believe that there are magical properties in the blood, bones and skin of people with albinism, a medical condition in which the body produces little or no pigment. She has recently supported a person with albinism to share their story with the media. She is also talking to people locally to help change attitudes and dispel the myths surrounding albinism.

Wanja is currently celebrating the first milestone of this campaign: “The number of albinos living in Africa is not known at the moment, but we are delighted as the government has agreed to officially record and monitor these statistics. Once they have an idea of numbers more action can be taken to support people with albinism.”

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