Mountain climb raises awareness of disability and ability

Young Voices campaigners from Selangor and Sabah, Malaysia, climbed one of the most prominent mountains in the world from 28–30 August. More than 80 people, including 22 Young Voices members scaled Mount Kinabalu, which stands more than 4,000 metres above the sea. The mountain is a World Heritage Site on the island of Borneo.

By taking on the trek, the group raised awareness of the Young Voices campaign and of what people with disabilities can achieve. It took two days to reach the peak, walking six hours a day and covering a distance of about 8km. The young people have never taken on a challenge like this before, and have been training since early in the year.

Amazing Friends (Young Voices Music Workshop 2012)

The musical talents of three Malaysian Young Voices members burst onto the Internet this week through their music video ‘Amazing Friends’. Featuring an original song and live performances, the video was created at a music training workshop in Selangor with award-winning music producer Robin Millar and his team. Along with talented Young Voices members from Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Philippines, the Malaysian members learned to produce their own songs to use as campaigning tools. Their songs will be released on iTunes and Amazon thanks to a partnership with Believe Digital’s Zimbalam label.

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The first disability-friendly building in Sabah!

Young Voices Malaysia have helped to make Wisma Tun Fuad Stephens the first disability-friendly building in Sabah. This building houses offices for several Government Ministries. We were on the renovation committee, and we were instrumental in making sure that a motorised wheelchair lift, ramp, accessible toilets, automated doors and tactile signage were installed.