Walking for rights

Young Voices campaigners from Botswana took part in a seven kilometer walk to raise awareness of the rights of people with disabilities. A big mix of people walked alongside each other including tribal leaders, councilors, civil servants, people with disabilities and members of the public. At the end of the walk, participants gathered together and were addressed by Young Voices campaigners and several other speakers.

The walk took place in August in Serowe Village, Central District of Botswana. It was organised by Young Voices in conjunction with the Tshidilo Rehabilitation Centre, The Central Association for the Blind and Disabled and the Kopano Rehabilitation Foundation.

Young Voices help make education inclusive in Botswana

Young Voices campaigners in Botswana have joined forces with the Leonard Cheshire Disability inclusive education project to raise awareness and advocate for changing the national education policy from special to inclusive education. Young Voices members also form part of the team that trains parents of children with disabilities in schools and spreads the message of inclusion. They and the inclusive education project staff are anxiously waiting for the passing of the new education policy in April.

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School staff educated by Young Voices

Young Voices campaigners from Botswana educated teachers at an educational workshop through a presentation on various barriers to inclusion including attitudinal, architectural, and technological. The audience applauded their efforts and said that discrimination can be a result of antagonism rather than ignorance.

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