More progress in Guyana please

2nd November marks the third anniversary of the Guyana Persons with Disabilities Act. Young Voices campaigners have issued a press release saying that minor progress has been made since the Act came into force and are calling on members of Parliament to support and hasten the process of implementation.

The President of the Young Voices group in Linden, Teshawn Rodeny, says: “Persons with disabilities, although recognised by the law as equal citizens of Guyana, continue to be forced into the dark recesses of our society due to social injustice.”

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Young Voices speak out in landmark UNICEF report

Young Voices campaigners shared their views as part of a major new report published on 30 May 2013.

UNICEF’s ‘The State of the World’s Children 2013: Children with Disabilities’ provides a comprehensive overview of the global situation for children with disabilities, recommending ways that governments, the private sector, international donors and other agencies can achieve greater equality for disabled children through inclusion.

The report features the stories of three Young Voices members who have overcome challenges to make positive changes to their own lives and the lives of other people with disabilities. They are Kartik Sawhney from India, Michael Hosea from Tanzania and Ivory Duncan from Guyana.

The study also includes an article by Dr Maria Kett from the Leonard Cheshire Disability and Inclusive Development Research Centre, on the protection and safety of children with disabilities in situations of risk.

Young Voices member speaks out about the importance of ICT for girls with disabilities

Rosemarie Rammitt, a Young Voices member from Guyana with a visual impairment, spoke at a high profile event celebrating the International Day for Girls in Information and Communications Technology (ICT). A number of influential people attended the event, including the Prime Minister of Guyana. Rosemarie spoke about the impact that ICT can have on the lives of girls with disabilities. Laptops, iPhones, blackberries , the internet – all of these help to bridge the gap that exists between people with disabilities and the rest of society, especially as software advances and becomes more accessible. She called on everyone to take part in ensuring the rights of girls with disabilities are fulfilled using ICT.

New Young Voices group launches in Linden, Guyana

We are happy to welcome a new Young Voices group in Linden to our growing family of Young Voices around the world. The group started off its activities with an awareness raising march and a simple ceremony to celebrate their launch.

25 people took part in the march, from the Georgetown and Linden Young Voices groups. During the march members displayed banners, chanted slogans and handed out flyers. They attracted a great deal of attention from members of the public and distributed over 500 flyers. After the march the President of Linden Young Voices chaired a short ceremony, which included talks from members of both groups. Overall the launch was a great success and the Linden Young Voices group is looking forward to raising awareness and campaigning for the rights of people with disabilities.