DanceAbility: An unforgettable experience

Young Voices campaigner Annisa Rahmania from Indonesia at a Young Voices regional meetingDanceAbility is a unique dance method that uses improvisational dance to promote artistic expression and exploration between people with and without disabilities. In April/May, Annisa Rahmania, Young Voices campaigner from Indonesia, took part in a five day DanceAbility training course in Yogyakarta. Here’s what she had to say about her experience:

“DanceAbility is an experience I will not forget. It was the first time I have been shown how to dance through improvisation rather than my dance steps being directed. At first I was a bit confused about what to do but the trainers showed me that improvisation gives you the flexibility to express yourself creatively, making your dancing easy and harmonious.

I’m keen to keep learning this new dance method and I’d like to try and combine it with traditional Indonesian dance. I’m hoping to set up a dance club with other Young Voices members. By performing events we can show the public that we are all the same.”

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