Making banks more accessible in Mauritius

The Bank of Mauritius is responsible for the good functioning of all banks in the country. They recently asked for proposals from the public on how they wish the banks to operate and deliver good services. Yaaseen Edoo, leader of Young Voices in Mauritius, sent them the following proposals:

1. Ramps should be placed in all banks in Mauritius so that wheelchair users can have access to the banks.
2. ATMs should be lowered so that wheelchair users and smaller people are able to access.
3. Customer care services should be lowered to facilitate wheelchair users and smaller people to benefit from information they need.
4. Priority should be given to wheelchair users and other forms of disability in queues as is done in hospitals.

Yaaseen has received a response from the Second Deputy Governor of the Bank of Mauritius confirming that they have sent a letter to all banks in Mauritius outlining these proposals.

Making transport accessible in Bhopal

Young Voices in Bhopal, India have successfully campaigned for announcements to be made about disabled compartments at their local railway station. When they first raised the issue they didn’t get a response. But they refused to give up, and after continuous pressure on the station master, all station announcements now include information about disabled compartments.

Making transport more accessible for disabled people in the Philippines

Young Voices members in the Philippines have been busy lobbying to make transport more accessible in Manila. They negotiated with the management of the Light Railway Transit to repair escalators and elevators that were not working in various train stations. They have said that they will prioritise the repairs to be finalised by summer 2013. The Metro Rail Transit has also allowed Young Voices to post tarpaulins in all 15 train stations to promote the UN Convention on the Rights of Disabilities and the Young Voices campaign.

Young Voices Kenya: making colleges more accessible

A Young Voices campaigner studying at the Kenya Institute of Management has successfully appealed to the college management to consider admitting more students with disabilities. He also urged them to improve access to facilities – the library and many classrooms are situated upstairs and are not accessible for wheelchairs. The appeal is being considered at the moment and the Nyanza group will be following this up to make sure the college takes action.