Young Voices urged to form groups to earn a dignified life

This article was put together by Young Voices campaigners during the 2013 Young Voices Global meeting in Kenya.

Members of Young Voices across the globe are urged to come together as groups should they need help from governments and Non Governmental Organizations operating in their countries.

This came after one member of Young Voices received a tailoring machine from Lillian Fond and Katalemwa Cheshire Home in Nansana town in Wakiso District, Uganda in July 2013.

Young Voices is a global campaign project of Leonard Cheshire Disability, implemented by young people with disabilities aged 16-25 years, to advocate for the recognition, protection and promotion of the rights of persons with disabilities worldwide.
Harriet Nakimbugwe, a girl with a physical disability, underwent a six month course in tailoring and garment cutting at Nansana Vocational Training Centre.

She was advised by donor organizations that help is only recommended and available for those who are organised in groups and are ready to initiate projects that can help them lead sustainable lives in the future.

The United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons With Disabilities clearly stipulates in Article 27 (d) that persons with disabilities should have effective access to general technical and vocational guidance programs, placement services and vocational and continuing training; and in Article 27 (e) that state parties should promote employment opportunities and career advancement for persons with disabilities in the labour market, as well as assistance in finding , obtaining, maintaining and returning to employment.

Nanziri, a Young Voices national facilitator from Uganda, told a Conference in Nairobi, Kenya that funds are available for those groups that are legally registered in their respective district headquarters.

Sadaati, also a member of Young Voices in the country, said this initiative has so far helped to change the lives of members. According to Sadaati, lobbying through attending public fora and debates has been the main campaign tool that has helped bring about the anticipated changes in the lives of members of Young Voices in Uganda and has yielded a dignified lifestyle amongst members.

Editors: Odiongo Clement, South Sudan; Bongani Makama, Swaziland; Sikdam, Indonesia; Ashura Michael, Kenya.

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